Public speaking club in Kyiv

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We meet every Saturday from 12:00 to 13:40 in litpub Krapka Komma at 14, Horkoho street

Art Talkers is a part of the Toastmasters International, (Club #891042)

Our objective is to integrate the standards of Toastmasters International with our art focused program.

We aspire to satisfy the intellectual needs of the Ukrainian cultural elite, which we believe include the ability to converse and make speeches in English.

An international organization founded a century ago in the USA

Toastmasters International provides Facts for First Timers

Meeting format

Toastmasters clubs worldwide follow the same 1–1,5 hour format. Meeting starts with aquaintance with guests and introducing evaluation team. There are 3 sections:

Prepared speeches

Three members give five to seven minute prepared speeches in English. Speakers choose their own topics; each speech develops a different skill such as gesturing, vocal variety, or the use of visual aids.

prepared speeches
that develop specific skills

Table topic

Calls on members and sometimes guests to think on their feet, giving two minute responses to impromptu questions posed by a «Table Topics» master.

esponses to impromptu


We wrap up the meeting by having evaluators provide constructive criticism of both prepared and impromptu presentations. Additional evaluators listen to every presentation for grammar and fluency, and a third reports on actual versus budgeted time.
  • Timer
  • Ah-Counter
  • Grammarian

You are not obliged to speak, but you might be asked a question at table topic session.

Guests and visitors are always welcome in our club!

Every Saturday from 12:00 to 13:40 in litpub Krapka Komma at 14, Horkoho street

To become a member

Joining Toastmasters is easy and affordable. When you become a member, you’ll have the support of your club, district and the global organization as you work toward your goals.


When you decide to join our club, ask the vice president membership for a membership application.


Fill it out and return it with your dues to the vice president membership.


Wait about a month for your New Member Kit to be sent to you.

Note: members pay club dues of approximately 7.50$ per month.

You may contact our officers team

To keep your talent working
you should become an ArtTalker!

Come every Saturday from 12:00 to 13:40 to litpub Krapka Komma at 14, Horkoho street