ArtTalkers at the year’s Annual Picnic in Odessa

This year’s Annual Picnic at the sea in Odessa, which was organized by Best Odessa Speakers Club, was visited by quite a big group of members from Art Talkers and other Toastmasters clubs of Kiev! Our VP Education Marina Nikolaeva gave a speech which was considered the best! As a present Marina received a singlet. Thank you for a wonderful time spent together, exciting and interesting agenda of the meeting, great theatrical master class and excellent and authentic Odessa food!


The 2nd annual Bike Picnic with Art Talkers and Svoya Rubashka

This year it was organized by Art Talkers and Svoya Rubashka Toastmasters clubs. We had an exciting bicycle race in the Vystavkoviy center and the nearby areas.

We did a lot: rode bicycles, answered Table Topics session questions, played, ate and smiled! It was wonderful, warm and cozy! Thanks to everyone who joined us in this nice summer day!

Thanks to Yuriy Karabach for a great bike ride and a speech on bicycles, Timur Berezhnoy for a great Table Topics, Miroslava Skorobagatko for all organizational questions, Lena Toktarova for a help and to all for a wonderful mood!


Annual Summer Picnic 2014. Toastmasters sport camp.

Toastmasters work persistently on upgrading their public speaking and leadership skills.
And alongside with continuous intellectual efforts they need to give time to their physical and spiritual development.

On the 26 July 2014 ob A. Glushkova avenue, 1, Expocenter, Barbeque place “Island” the Annual Summer Picnic took place.

On the picnic Tostasters had lots of opportunities:
– to try and learn tricks of “everyday fitness” with the brightest inventive trainer and get the answers on their questions about being healthy and happy
– visit a paradise-land Hawaii with beautiful Anna who shared secrets of traditional Hawaiian dance Hula
– try the shoes of Tour-de-France leader and Discovery channel reporters at the same time with “Scavenger Hunt” bike ride led
– test their agilities in ultimate-frisbee game under the guidance
– check creativity and firm hand in a special contest


Congratulate the winners

Our club celebrated its 8th birthday. Eight years we are polishing public speaking skills in English; and Inner Speech Contest is an event, which proves the performance level of the Arttalkers members. Seven speakers delivered both serious and funny speeches, creating atmosphere of joy and volubility.

We congratulate the winners: Ivo Kersten, who took the first place with an ironical speech about biometric pasportization; the second place winner Iryna Kalinchyk with a speech about taxes stripping people; and the third place winner Sergiy Kostyshyn with a speech about rituals we all follow from time to time. Other contestants Marina Nikolaeva, Alex Shekhalevych, Polina Telegeeva and Lena Toktarova appeared to be tough competitors, whose speeches brought back memories, amused, inspired and touched the audience.


After the Contest we continued celebration with improvised session of toasts. Members and guests of the club brought their toasting talent to life and voted for the best master of toasts. This victory was given to an experienced member Graham Seibert, whose toast touched heart of every Arttalker.


Arttalkers club balances traditions and innovation challenging experienced and new memebers with every meeting and special event.

Upcoming Inner Speech Contest

Dear ArtTalkers and friends!

We are happy to invite you to a special meeting of our club that will take place on the 18th of January.

There will be two extraordinary occasions on that day.

The first one – the Inner Speech Contest. Eight participants, eight talented speakers, eight strong leaders have already applied for the contest. The tension is already escalating. Lucky two winners, first among equals, will get a ticket to the All-Ukrainian Toastmaster Speech Contest. Come and support your favorites!


The second occasion will be no less exceptional – the Birthday party of ArtTalkers! We are turning eight (!!!) years old. Champagne, holiday torts and other sweets are definitely on the agenda. Moreover, during the party we will run a Toasts contest (a short, up to 2 minutes, toast to the hero of occasion). The winner of this party-contest will get a memorable present!

Come, and you will remember this January 18th for a long time!

We start at 11am sharply. Please, come 15 minutes in advance.


The officers’ team

Of the ArtTalkers Toastmasters Club

New Officers Team

Since July, the 1st a new Officers team started its work for our favourite club. The Arttalkers community gratefully waives the responsibility from the Officers’ team of years 2012-2013. We thank ex-President Olga Kuzub, VP Eduction Lena Noskova, VP Membership Olga Klimova, VP Public Relations Alexander Shekhalevych, Treasurer Oksana Badovska, Secretary Alise Suprun and Sergeant at Arms Dmitriy Odich for the work they were doing  all the year round. Now it is time for them to relax and enjoy themselves as casual members.

The ArtTalkers community congratulates the new Officers team. This year the club’s responsibilities will be hold by the President Roman Topolyuk, VP Education Polina Telegeeva, VP Membership Larysa Zarubenko, VP Public Relations Iryna Kalinchyk, Secretary Marina Nikolaeva, Treasurer Graham H. Seibert, Sergeant at Arms Serhiy Kostyshyn. We hope that the new team will lead the club to the highest pinacles of both speech delivery art and leadership craft.

New Officers Team

From the last meeting…

Right from the start, Ivo like a real magician turned every “You”, sitting in the room, namely a more modern variant – “U”, into plural form. As a result, many “Us” appeared at once, which is nothing else, but “us”. Splendid play of words, or even play of letters! Referring to us, Ivo appealed to Ukrainians, people who live in the center of Europe, which should be proud of a lot of things, including of themselves. A marvelous trip to mythical story of Zeus, who being in a form of white bull, kidnapped his beloved Europa, touched everybody as if it was before the eyes of audience, and led to Greece, which is considered to be a cradle of European culture. Finalizing his artistic speech, Ivo underlined that colors of EU’s and Ukraine’s flag are the same – great start for the long way of improvement for Ukraine.