1. How much does it cost?
The 6-month fee for being a member is $36 and single $20 payment for your Membership Kit. For this money you get 40 hours of public speaking practice and substantial opportunities for personal growth.

2. How many people are present at the meeting?
There are usually 20-30 people present at the meeting.

3. How often are the meetings conducted?
Meetings are conducted every week, each club has a specific day, so you will definitely find an option that suits your schedule.

4. Should I become a member to visit a meeting?
You can visit a meeting as long as you want while still being a guest and not paying a single penny. If you want to give a speech – then it is time to become a member.

5. What is Toastmasters?
An international non-profit organization that helps people master public speaking and leadership skills.

6. What do you do at the meeting?
During the meeting we deliver speeches, evaluate them, practice impromptu speaking and play language games. Though we have much fun too.

7. What is Table Topic Session?
A table topic session is our way to practice speaking without preparation (impromptu speaking). This is usually conducted in a form of game: a Table Topic Master picks up random people and asks questions. If you are picked – your task is to improvise and make a small speech, answering the question.

8. What do the evaluators do?
The evaluators help every speaker to improve. They listen attentively and provide feedback and a tip for improvement to the speaker after the speech is delivered.

9. Are the meetings conducted only in English?
As for the clubs in Kiev and Lviv the meetings are in English. Toastmasters club in Odessa conducts its meetings in Russian.

10. Is it English courses?
Our main goal is to help people become confident public speakers. Taking into account that the meetings are conducted in English it may be considered as a place to practice English. Though you should not expect making exercises or homework here.

11. What should I do if I want to become a member?
You should contact to VP Membership or anybody from the leadership team of the club and ask for the application form. Then pay $36 membership dues and single $20 payment for your Membership Kit to the Treasurer and here you are – a new member.

12. What is an average age of a Toastmaster?
Though the average age varies from club to club, usually our members are around 27 y.o.

13. Are all clubs open to visit?
You can visit all clubs freely except the AmCham club. You can become a member of this club only if you work for a company, which is a member of American Chamber of Commerce.

14. What are the differences among clubs?
We have 2 business-oriented clubs: EBA, AmCham; a club dedicated to art – Arttalkers. All other clubs are general purpose clubs.

15. Will I have fun at Toastmasters?
Taking into account that we have 5 big parties during the years and other social events like contests and debates we can state with confidence that you will have fun.

16. Do native speakers visit Toastmasters?
As for now, we have 5 native speakers, who are members of Toastmasters clubs in Ukraine. Besides it, there is a number of people from other countries who visit Toastmasters.

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